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Report for 2013/14 Patient Participation group

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Report for 2013/14 Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group

Victoria Surgery has an online patient participation group, which was formed in 2011/12. In order to ensure that the PRG was still representative of the practice population, and particularly to ensure that we sought the views of those without access to a computer we extended our survey. The survey was e-mailed to those in our existing PRG, questionnaires were also available in reception to those visiting the surgery, a message was put on the television screen in the waiting room inviting patients to take part in our survey and a link was put on our website directing patients to the survey.

Method and process for agreeing priorities for the local practice survey

An email was sent to our online core PRG asking their views to identify priority areas for survey questions, and also put on our website. We did not receive an overwhelming response. The areas covered were therefore identified from a variety of sources:

Questions regarding access to appointments – chosen due to our ratio of urgent:routine appointments having changed in recent months due to the new rapid response system for urgent home visits, this meant at the time of the survey we were offering more urgent appointments and we were keen to ensure this hadn’t adversely affected our availability of pre bookable routine appointments. Some doctors had received feedback from patients that they were finding it difficult to book routine appointments.

Questions regarding on-line booking – as a practice we were considering implementing this as a planned practice change and so were keen to gauge the popularity of this service before considering it’s implementation.

Question regarding A&E attendances and role of nurse practitioner – chosen as follow on to our practice plan to reduce A&E attendances, to help gauge it’s success and see if more patient education was needed.

Question regarding telephone appointment times – we had received feedback that patients were not always in when a doctor called them back and so wanted to optimise our telephone advice system.

Details and Results of the Local Practice Survey

A survey was carried out in February 2014.

The survey was emailed to those in our core online PRG. Access to the survey was put on our website. Paper surveys were available in the surgery reception and patients were directed to these via receptionists and via the television screen in the waiting room.

We had 82 responses to our survey, ranging in age from 17 to >85 years.

(5% aged 17-24, 6% aged 25-34, 13% aged 35-44, 12% aged 45-54, 21% aged 55-64, 26% aged 65-75, 16% aged 75-84 and 1% aged >85)

69% of respondents were female and 31% were male. 93% described themselves as white British, 1% as European, 1% as Asian, and 5% as ethnic groups other than the above.

This response rate and the group represented was sufficient to make the survey credible.

The results are outlined below:

  • If you need to see a GP (not necessarily the GP that you would like to see) urgently can you normally get an appointment the same day?

    Yes 67%

    No 17%

    Don’t know/note needed to 16%

  • How easy is it to book ahead?

    Very easy 29%

    Fairly easy 44%

    Fairly difficult 16%

    Very difficult 6%

    Don’t know/not tried 5%

  • Would you find it useful to be able to book your appointment on line?

    Yes 61%

    No 39%

  • In the last 12 months have you attended A&E because you felt that you couldn’t get an appointment at the surgery?

    Yes 8.5%

    No 91.5%

  • Are you aware that our nurse practitioners can refer you for an x-ray/prescribe medication and make referrals to any hospital?

    Yes 66%

    No 34%

  • When you wish to speak to a doctor on the telephone would you prefer

    (a) to be told a doctor will call you back sometimes after 11.30   16%

    (b) that you are given a window of time when to expect the call   51%

    (c) no preference  33%      

  • Dispensary question – Are you aware that if you live out of town we could dispense to you or even deliver?

    Yes 43%

    No 8%

    N/A 49%


Discussing survey results with the PRG

Having analysed the results and comments received from the survey we took this back to our PRG for comment on our action plan.

The following was sent to our PRG members along with the survey results and a copy was also posted on the website and hard copies were available at reception.

Many thanks to all of you who kindly replied to our survey. It has been useful to have your views. Many of you appeared broadly satisfied with the service you receive, however we did identify areas for improvement.

Our survey suggests that our current appointments system and availability of urgent and routine appointments is satisfactory. However this is an area that we keep under constant review, and in particular the ratio of urgent to routine appointments is monitored and altered according to need.

Regarding the ability to book your appointments online, this was a service that the majority of you were keen to have and as such we propose that we implement this with immediate effect.

66% of you were aware of the role of our nurse practitioners, but we propose to update our website and practice leaflet for further education on their role such that patients can make the most of the valuable service they provide.

With regard to telephone consultations the majority of you would like to be given a window of time in which to expect a call back from a doctor. Due to the GP’s other commitments in the surgery we don’t feel able to reliably give too narrow a time window for patients to expect a call back, we feel the following change to our system is reasonable for both patient and doctor. If you call in the morning the doctor will endeavour to return your call before 1pm, and if you call in the afternoon the doctor will endeavour to call you back before 7pm, the receptionists will inform patients of this when they call to leave a message for a doctor. We would like to remind patients that the doctor will make one phone call back to the patient, if this is missed the patient must then call the surgery to arrange another telephone consultation.

Agreeing an Action Plan with the PRG

We received positive feedback from our PRG regarding the proposed action plan. “That seems very fair, it is great when a GP leaves a message if you miss a call”

The action plan was agreed as set out below and sent to our PRG.

  • Implementation of online booking
  • Update to website and practice leaflet regarding nurse practitioners extended roles
  • Change in system for doctors telephoning patients back to provide a window of time in which patients can expect their call.

The practices opening hours are.           

8.00am – 6.30 pm Monday

8.00am – 6.30pm  Tuesday

8.00am – 6.30pm  Wednesday

8.00am – 6.30 pm Thursday

8.00am – 6.30 pm Friday

Routine appointments run from 8.30am – 6.30pm

Access is by telephone, walking in , or use of our new on line booking service.

We provide extended hours  from 7.30am – 7.00 pm on various days, please call reception for further details.


Report for 2012/13 Patient Participation group

Last year we formed an online patient participation group and conducted a survey. As a result of this survey we made the following changes;

We offer more late evening and early morning appointments to those who find them more convenient

  • We offer proactive health checks for those potentially at risk of heart disease
  • We have updated our website

This year we asked our patient participation group for feedback on these changes and

received positive replies

“Certainly the extended hours have helped me a great deal and are greatly appreciated”

“I have found the website entirely satisfactory”

We also asked our PPG what they felt we should address in our next annual survey. We did not receive an overwhelming response from our online group and therefore this year we extended our survey. As well as being e-mailed to our on line patient participation group we also had questionnaires available in reception, and a message on the television screen in the waiting room inviting patients to take part in our survey. A link was also put on our website directing patients to the survey. This way we felt we would get a broader range of opinions, and by having forms available in reception, those who did not have access to or were unable to use a computer were still able to be involved in the survey.

We had 72 responses. Our group consists of 24 males and 48 females, whose ages range from 17-84 (1% aged 17-24 : 9% aged 25-34 : 9% aged 35-44 :

18% aged 45-54 : 22% aged 55-64 : 26% aged 65-74 : 14% aged 75-84:

1% aged over 84). 77% of our group describe themselves as white british, 1% describe themselves as afrocarribean and 22% did not comment on their ethnicity.

We asked the following questions with responses as outlined

  • Do you think we need more information in the practice leaflet?

17% Yes                     44% No

21% No reply 18% Never seen leaflet       


Are you aware that we run minor illness clinics?

32% Yes                     67% No

1% Not stated

Do you need more information on what can be treated in these clinics?


53% Yes                     39% No

8% Not stated

  • Are you aware you can be seen here for minor injuries?

56% Yes                     42% No

2% Not stated

  • Do you know about the new NHS 111 System?

18% Yes                     82% No

  • Would you like to reinstate the surgery newsletter?

42% Yes                     32% No

18% Not stated         8% Never seen newsletter previously

  • Are you aware of extended hours appointments and how they can be accessed?

53% Yes                     38% No

9% Not stated

Many thanks to all of you for taking time to respond and for your suggestions. Having analysed the results and comments received from the survey we took this back to our PPG for comment on our action plan.The following was sent to our PPG members and a copy was also posted on the website and hard copies available at reception:


Many thanks to all of you who kindly replied to our survey. It has been   useful to have your views. Many of you appeared broadly satisfied with the   service you receive, however we did identify areas for improvement. Our survey suggests that in particular you could do with more information on services we provide, particularly our minor illness clinics, and the types of conditions that can be treated in these clinics. Almost half of you were not aware that we also run minor injury clinics so that you can be treated at the surgery for many minor injuries preventing the need for you to go to A&E. It was also evident that more information would be useful on current health topics such as the new NHS 111 system. In response to this we will be having an information board in our waiting room which will be regularly updated to provide topical health education. We will also update our practice website to include more information about the services we provide here at Victoria Surgery, and more specific information about what can be accessed in our clinics. We will also utilise the television screen in our waiting room to inform you of our services for those who do not use our website. Many of you were interested in reinstating the surgery newsletter and we will do this. Please let us know if you are in agreement with these proposals or have any further comments. We received positive feedback regarding these proposals from our patients. One patient wrote:

“A useful summary. I recently “topped” my finger with a slicer. Had I remembered that the surgery ran a minor injuries clinic, I might well have attended it. Perhaps a leaflet about the services offered, to pin to our home noticeboards, would be useful”

The following changes will therefore be implemented:

  • Information board in waiting room regularly updated to provide topical health education
  • Practice website and television screen in waiting room to be updated to include more information about our services and in particular the conditions that can be treated in our minor illness and injury clinics
  • Leaflet to be produced with information about conditions that can be seen in minor illness and injury clinics
  • Surgery newsletter to be reinstated

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our paticipating patients for helping us to improve our services.

NB: For opening times and access to appointment and extended hours booking please refer to our appointment page.

Dr V Hunter (Partner)




Report for 2011/12 patient participation group

Agreed action plan as discussed with members of the on line patient group.

This year we formed an on line patient participation group. We now have 48 members signed upwhose ages range from 17 - 84 and currently consist of 27 females and 24 Males. We would welcome any one else that wishes to join please express your interest to the E.Mail address above or pick up a form from reception at your next visit.

The initial question that we asked the patients were as follows:

We are planning to seek the views of our patient participation group through a survey, and to ensure that we ask the right questions, we would like to know what you think should be our key priorities when it comes to looking at the services we provide to you and others in the practice.

What do you think are the most important issues on which we should consult our patients?

You could consider the Clinical care we offer our patients, how we manage our appointments, the Surgery building itself , or any other issues you think might be important.

Please be aware specific concerns regarding your own care cannot be dealt with by replying to this email and should be addressed in the normal way.

As a result of this a survey was sent to all members of our online group in March ( example below) We also consulted our early members with regard to our appointment system last November, as a result of this we took on board the comments from our members and have subsequently upgraded our extended hours

"Dear Kathryn

I think the proposed idea to make more appointments available in the week is very welcome and  I hope it will be introduced as soon as possible." (quote from one of our pts in response to November consultation)

Given the successful nature of the consultation with our PPG in November we extended the survey to more topics in March. These were topics suggested by our PPG group.

1. If you were feeling well, would you feel confident coming to Victoria Surgery to discuss routine health checks (eg your blood pressure/cholesterol etc)?

2. Are there any ways the practice could change to meet your health needs more effectively?

3. How do you feel about the availability and timing of appointments at the practice?

4. What do you think of the practice website? Should we change it or add to it in any way?

5. We have recently had a new telephone system installed have you found it easier to contact the surgery?

6. Could you comment on the overall satisfaction you received on your last visit to the surgery.

We received a number of replies from our March 2012 Survey, many expressing satisfaction, others suggesting changes to the way we work.Having analysed all the results we then took them back to the PPG for comment on our action plan. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to respond and for your stimulating suggestions. We identified routine health checks, appointment timings, and the practice website as areas of particular interest.

(Copy of response sent to PPG)

Many thanks to all of you who kindly replied to our survey.
Its been useful to have your feedback. Many of you appeared broadly satisfied with the service you have received here at the surgery, however we did have several suggestions for changes or improvements.
In particular there was a request for greater availability of later appointments, a desire for more pro-active health checks, and the wish for more health information to be available on the Practice web site.
In accordance with this we plan to offer late appointments for those who need them, but draw your attention to the extended hours that we currently offer most evenings. We also plan to improve our range of pro-active health checks and make alterations to our web site to provide links to sites offering healthy living advice.
Please let us know if you are in agreement with these proposals or have any further comments.

In accordance with the replies we received we have made a number of changes to the way that we work.

We now offer more late evening appointments to those who would find them more convenient, we are rolling out a series of proactive health checks for those potentially at risk of heart disease.


are available on this website or in the surgery

We have audited our records and are contacting patients who we feel are in need of blood pressure reviews and have plans to invest in more BP machines for loan to patients (we currently have 12) We have also updated the website with more emphasis on healthy lifestyles and links to useful resources about healthy living.

Once again, thanks for your help with our new participation group We look forward to seeking your further opinions in the future.

DR I Chapman.Up Arrow